For more than twenty years, Keylane has been supporting and helping insurers and pension institutions with the optimisation of their business processes with the implementation of the correct software. Over that time we have developed various best practices. Working in collaboration with you, we tailor these best practices to your individual wishes.

Expert and committed professionals

Our expert and committed professionals are fully focused on the pension and insurance industry. We have gained many years’ experience in these sectors and offer a specialist approach for each segment. We also keep a keen eye on new developments in the market and respond to these immediately.

Business case

We can work closely with you to help you prepare a comprehensive business case. Clear business benefits include: reduced time-to-market of new products, IT cost cutting by up to fifty percent, and higher client satisfaction figures. We provide teams of dedicated experts, and are proud of our 100% success rate of software implementation.

The benefits

  • Over twenty years’ experience
  • Established and proven best practices
  • Exclusive experience in the insurance and pension industries
  • Monitoring the latest developments
  • Business case for strategic opportunities on request
  • Team of dedicated experts