Risk Management

In recent years life and pension providers have been subject to increasing regulations and face much stronger capital and risk management requirements based on the Solvency II directive from EU.

As a life and pension insurer you must comply with these requirements related to capital standards and higher level of risk management, governance and transparency.

Your challenge

To comply with Solvency II requirements, you need advanced analysis and simulations tools that can provide the necessary information needed to ensure the financial stability and profitability of your company. The right tools will enable you to investigate the consequences of your decisions from different angles and thereby make you reach more substantiated decisions and ensure that you stay ahead of compliance.

Our answer is Keylane ALM

The Keylane ALM Projection Model is a cloud-based SaaS platform for deterministic and stochastic simulation and projection of your company’s assets and liabilities. The platform is developed both as a decision-making tool to support your strategic choices and as a production-ready tool for calculating stochastic provisions for solvency purposes under Solvency II compatible methods. Keylane’s offer to the market is a complete standard ALM Projection Model containing the following three main elements:

  1. Cashflows for modelling customer obligations – Keylane Valuation (read more below)
  2. Economic Scenario Generator to generate future financial market conditions – CphSim ESG
  3. A projection engine – Keylane ALM – that links assets and liabilities with customer-specific business rules, applicable law and industry standards (the Keylane ALM platform is integratable with other ESG solutions and cash flow generators)

The Key advantages

  • Calculation of Solvency II balance by stochastic methods
  • Consolidation of budget projections, capital plan, ad hoc analyses, etc
  • Linking the investment strategy to a customer’s actual commitments

The full ALM projection model embraces both assets and liabilities, including customer-specific projections at all levels – customers’ deposits and assets, policies, contribution groups or the entire company’s balance sheet.

The Keylane ALM Projection Model will improve your risk management by enhancing your ability to provide strategic analyses and simulations of your market situation, help you to efficiently develop new products and meet compliance requirements.

Our answer is Keylane Valuation

Keylane Valuation is a flexible calculation platform for use in generating cash flows in connection with life and pension providers’ compliance obligations. Cash flows can be generated for any life insurance contract, policy, group of customers or for the entire business. On top of these essential calculations, Keylane Valuation makes it easier for you to handle capital demands. It supports fast reaction to internal and external requirements while handing you the complete basis for accounting and reports.

All of this is provided through automated business processes, detailed calculations and short time-to-market. In short Keylane Valuation strengthens your risk management.

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Client cases

Efficient calculations of cash flows, provisions and QRT-reports

“We have implemented a Solvency II solution, which has greatly streamlined Forca’s processes and increased efficiency. The automation ensures greater operational robustness and more reliable data to customers. For Forca’s customers this means that detailed capital requirements, provisions, expected future pay-flows and discounted cash flows are handled in one flow, and that QRT’s are prepared for EIOPA reporting.”
– Lene Mortensen, Insurance Director at Forca

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Staying ahead of legislative requirements

“With the implementation of Schantz Valuation in only 3 months, we are now ready to meet the legal requirements.

We have implemented a future-proof solution that allows us to concentrate on risk management and product development. Moreover, the efficiency that comes with the solution helps to minimize costs, and this ultimately benefits our customers.” 
– Mikael Sundby, Managing Director.

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