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Nationale-Nederlanden (NN) has built a new insurance company for ING, with its own product suite on the Keylane platform. NN thus replaced three old core systems for the policy administration of non-life insurance by one new system. The result: low costs, higher speed and a very satisfied customer.

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The ING Verzekeren department is a private label organisation of Nationale-Nederlanden. They worked with three administration systems which had to be phased out. Keylane was commissioned to carry out a one system implementation and migrate one million policies to it. ING built the ‘front systems’, i.e. the ING website, the mobile app, the office software and the link with the bank’s account management system. Keylane developed the back-end systems. ‘We performed extensive tests and when the moment arrived, everything went smoothly.’

Faster than expected, but also more labour-intensive

The building phase went faster than expected in some respects. Taco Wassenaar: ‘Configuring our insurance products went surprisingly fast. We were obviously delighted with that. Connecting the Keylane system to our front-end and developing Keyland CD, which would replace the existing system of collection, was more labour-intensive. But we managed that too to everyone’s satisfaction.’

The first migration was of the relatively well-organised legal aid insurance portfolio. According to Taco Wassenaar, this proceeded ‘like a theatre performance’.

‘By that I mean that the rehearsals were sometimes difficult, but the actual performance was nearly flawless. We practised three times before the conversion weekend and apparently for good reason. Because when the moment arrived, everything went smoothly. In 36 hours we had crossed over and the old system was switched off. Faster than we imagined.’

In 36 hours we had crossed over and the entire old system was switched off.

Final result fulfils all our wishes and expectations

Since then, the new system has been working to everyone’s satisfaction. ‘I must say: it’s fully stable, even though nearly a million policies have been migrated. that is quite exceptional. In addition, we have reduced wage and licence costs significantly. Furthermore, our own people are responsible for managing functionalities and products, this ensures short communication lines and rapid decision-making processes. That gives control and thus a sense of calm.’

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Cooperation NN and ING

With over 5 million private and business customers, Nationale-Nederlanden is one of the biggest financial service providers in the Netherlands. The organisation offers a comprehensive range of products, including insurance, pensions, bank savings, savings, mortgages, investments and loans. For ING Bank Nederland, Nationale-Nederlanden set up a private label organisation called ING Verzekeren. This organisation offers its products under the name ING.

Taco Wassenaar, Director ING Insurances