Keylane Axon supports 10 million policies

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As Keylane grows internationally we continue to invest in research and development driven by innovation, technology trends, market developments and customer needs.

The largest Keylane customer has approximately 3 million active policies. In the German market we have seen many potential non-life insurance customers with up to 10 million active policies on one platform.

In order to prove the ability to service larger international customers, our Test Automation Team has recently developed and performed a Proof of Concept (PoC) to run Axon on a database containing 10 million active policies. A significant increase compared to the size of the largest current Axon customer. The Performance PoC was executed on the Keylane Hosting SaaS platform using a 3-step process:

  1. Data Generation
  2. Environment Setup
  3. Performance Test

Test results

The actual Performance Test was executed using the market standard tool Gatling to emulate hundreds of users running 4 different usage scenarios in Axon.

The results of the test shows that only 0,02% of the requests timed out, which is a number so low that it can be contributed to simple network glitches or client browser failures.

Similarly, the test shows that 99% of the requests were served under 2 seconds (1890 milliseconds), which confirms that none of the requests were even slow.

Further analysis of the performance test results demonstrated that the majority of the requests are served at a speed of under 53 milliseconds and that the response curve is nice and flat towards the higher response times as shown in the chart below.

Axon supports 10 million policies

Keylane is now able to support running Axon with 10 million policies reaffirming our ability to support scalability in response to customer needs for handling a large volume of policies with high throughput and consistent availability.

Keylane Axon offers insurance companies value which include:

  • enabling you to weather unexpected peaks in your activity (examples: large insured natural disasters, short business renewal or new business periods)
  • enabling you to shift activity towards digital channels (e.g. many insurers trying to shift to digital models triggered by Covid-19 outbreak) quickly and without disruption
  • contributing to a great user experience (i.e. your employees and your clients) by speeding up their journey within your system

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