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Simple products, short turnaround times, an efficient advisor portal, clear communication and access to a wide range of self-service options through the industry’s best customer portal – these are some of the things that give customers an experience of exceptional services.

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Business value

First and foremost, DIP created a framework that gives room for strategic freedom to develop their business for the benefit of their customers.

This has enabled DIP to introduce simple products with increased transparency, effective administration, and the opportunity to communicate what and when they wanted.

Customers experience value for money, shorter service queues, and increased time for advisory activities.

able to focus on the strategic development of our business

Combined, these factors have significantly increased DIP’s ratings for customer satisfaction while reducing their costs – thus considerably strengthening DIP’s competitiveness in the market.


DIP introduced Plexus as an IT platform combined with a clear business model, simple products and automated processes.

Advisers use a unified portal solution with online calculations, customer overview and automated processes.

Offering a wide range of self-service options, which removes administrative tasks and provides a better customer experience and increased transparency. Customers can activate simulations and make changes directly in the system.

Minimised use of actuaries and specialists to support customer services, because case handlers can perform most tasks themselves directly in the system.

Constructed a simple layer-split communication-concept with automatically generated overview-letters. In combination with individual information through the customer portal, this opens new options for posting targeted messages.

High customer satisfaction and low administrative costs

“The implementation of Plexus has made it possible for us to focus on the strategic development of our business.

We have streamlined our business processes and given our customers exceptional self-service opportunities – we are now among the companies with the lowest administrative costs in the market.

In our day-to-day work with Keylane, we experience a business partner that understands the industry and knows what steps to take to strengthen our business. This innovative and challenging approach of Keylane sets new standards.”

Søren Kolbye Sørensen, CEO at DIP

DIP – 100% member owned

Since 1953 DIP has been the pension fund for MScs and BScs in Engineering. DIP is one of the industry’s most consolidated pension funds and 100 % owned by its members.