Cost efficiency in life insurance

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A never ending challenge

Reducing costs is essential for every player in the life insurance and pension sector. Whether it is a matter of offering a competing low-cost product or acting upon a responsible cost-level policy. In some cases – such as closed book portfolios – cost efficiency is even top priority. But due to new legislation, growing complexity and continuous changes in the industry, cost efficiency is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve.

Three ways to drive down your cost structure

  • Start the business case to migrate towards one integrated platform
  • Take advantage of Software as a Service
  • Motivate your customers to fulfil their role in your business process
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The real challenge is to look beyond the short-term wins. Add business value to reduce costs

Keylane Tech Note series 2018

In the life insurance and pension sector there are three main themes on everyone’s agenda. We will discuss these themes in our Keylane Tech Note series 2018. The first Tech Note is available here for download.The last note will be published later this year.