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AP pension streamlined their advisory processes – before, during and after – and provided their customers with a more holistic view of their economy by using Schantz Advice.

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Business objectives

AP Pension wanted a significant efficiency improvement of their internal processes in terms of both collection of data and modification of policies following their advisory services. Their overall business objective was to:

  • Provide customers with a holistic view of their economy and all their pensions
  • Streamline the advisory processes before, during and after and thereby cut costs and focus the time and efforts of the advisors on sales and business development
  • Improve competitive performance by implementing an efficient advisory system and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction


One of AP Pension’s highest priorities was to ensure a good customer experience. They wanted a solution that was able to illustrate the highly complex pension product in a simple, but at the same time very reliable way.

The solution at AP Pension was customised on top of the standard solution Schantz Advice which allowed AP Pension to take advantage of the general functions such as calculation of tax, application of social allowances, import from PensionInfo.dk, etc. The configuration of AP Pension’s products and business processes was driven by Schantz with a minimum of involvement from key figures at AP Pension.

Schantz approached the project by implementing agile development methods. This meant that Schantz focused on frequent demonstrations of
specific deliverables in order to align the solution with the business objectives of AP Pension.

Business value

AP Pension has already carried out some of their business objectives by implementing Schantz Advice – their achievements are outlined in the following:

Prior to the implementation of Schantz Advice it could take almost an hour to create and organise a customer with a complex pension situation. Now collection of data can be carried out in less than 5 minutes, hence the advisors can focus their time and efforts on improving customer service and developing the business instead of administrative work

Schantz Advice is a modern system and contains an array of functionalities we lacked

Based on the customer’s wishes all the economic aspects of the customer can be included in the advisory process and thereby make sure that other assets than the pension scheme appear from the overall evaluation of the customer’s economy. In this way AP Pension ensures a high customer satisfaction

Following the advisory process the modifications to the back-end systems of AP Pension are carried out automatically ensuring a more efficient and secure execution.

In addition, the advisory process is documented with an action plan, an overview of the assets and a plan for using them during the customer’s retirement/pension life. The documentation also ensures that AP Pension meets overall compliance requirements.

By choosing the Schantz Advice solution AP Pension has streamlined their advisory processes, reduced margin error, increased customer satisfaction, cut down administrative costs , and improved their competitive performance in general.

We have achieved long-term financial benefits

”While selecting our solution, we laid great emphasis on the fact that Schantz Advice is a modern system and contains an array of functionalities we lacked. For us, it is important that updates can take place online. Summing up, we could see a long-term sound economic benefit in the solution provided by Schantz.”

Bo Normann Rasmussen, CEO at AP Pension

Independent and customer owned pension company

AP Pension is an independent, democratically managed and customer owned pension company. At AP Pension the customers’ pension savings set the agenda.

AP Pension has corporate pension as their core business, but deliver pension and insurance solutions to both companies and individuals. AP Pension’s objective is to provide the best product combination and the best service compared to costs.